jeff_westI would like to extend a personal invitation for you to experience Patcraft. During your visit, we will discuss issues that are important to your selection process and provide you with ongoing solutions to address your current and future flooring needs. This experience is designed to help you feel confident about your flooring selections and the people that stand behind them because we know your flooring matters.While you are in town, we will create a personalized experience that answers your specific flooring questions. This website gives you an inside look into the facility tours and meetings that are available to you during your visit. Spend time learning about our design and custom development capabilities. Tour our vertically integrated manufacturing processes. Become familiar with our industry leading sustainability initiatives. We’ve also included information about Cartersville, GA and an overview of your accommodations at Barnsley Resort.

Flooring is only part of what you have to consider but we know from experience that the choices you make in flooring matter to the success of the overall project and how people interact within the space. We hope this visit will help you understand the solutions Patcraft provides as a thought leader and innovative solutions provider of performance flooring.

I look forward to your visit.

Jeff West

Vice President of Marketing