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As a leader in high-performance flooring solutions for the commercial market, Patcraft is passionate about performance. We are constantly looking for innovative ways to improve the performance of our products…for us that is a given. But most importantly we are obsessed with improving the performance of every person that touches our flooring. From the specifier to the occupants of the space, we want to make their experience easy, engaging, delightful, and memorable. 


Our main purpose is to be the flooring resource that enhances your performance and helps you create environments that exceed expectations and transform the experience of every person who enters the space. Our customer experience is designed to build your trust in us and our commitment to partnering with you to build environments that support those people who use it.

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Patcraft Customer Experience

As the performance flooring leader, we strive to bring the most innovative flooring designs and solutions to the commercial market.

We keep our eyes focused, at all times, on how the flooring will perform for those who use it, and by doing so, we are able to create products and designs that clearly illustrate our core belief … that flooring matters.


Take a tour of our facilities to see the behind the scenes magic that brings our flooring to life.

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Discuss market trends and creative ideas with Patcraft’s product development team.

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Areas & Accomodations

Stay in either Cartersville or historic Barnsley for your Patcraft facility tour visit.

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